The May Mental Health Month Initiative

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The California Suicide Prevention Network


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The May Mental Health Month Initiative

May marks Mental Health Month, and in response, the California Suicide Prevention Network (CALISPN) unveils an online directory aimed at promoting mental well-being and preventing suicide among specific groups in Los Angeles County. Spearheaded by Katisha Jallow, CALISPN targets military veterans, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the film, media, and entertainment industries, offering a platform for tailored services and a shared commitment to enhancing mental health within these communities.

Recognizing the pivotal role of businesses and mental health experts in nurturing supportive environments, Jallow emphasizes the importance of collective action in advancing mental wellness and suicide prevention throughout Los Angeles County.

«As part of our May Mental Health Month initiatives, we urge you to join CALISPN’s advocacy endeavors and community outreach programs by registering on our platform as a Mental Health Counselor Expert, an Advocacy Agency, a Community Outreach Specialist, or an Educator or Training Facility,» says Katisha Jallow, Founder of CALISPN.

CALISPN serves as a digital hub for individuals seeking mental health support, offering resources for counseling and information for parents. Its mission encompasses advocacy for mental health rights, community awareness initiatives to combat stigma, educational programs to empower individuals and organizations, and outreach services connecting individuals with mental health professionals and resources.

«We believe in the power of collaboration to cultivate a healthier, more resilient community,» Jallow emphasizes. «Our Mental Health Professional Directory provides a platform for professionals to showcase their services and connect with those in need of support.»

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Katisha, also known as Tisha or ‘Jlow’, is a military Army veteran with 20 years of active-duty service. Her journey from childhood dreams of superhero mind reading abilities to becoming a professional reflects a life dedicated to resilience, empowerment, and compassion.

Throughout her life, Katisha has lived in diverse locations like New Jersey, Italy, Ohio, Tennessee, and now California, gaining insights into different cultures and backgrounds. These experiences have shaped her into a community leader, motivational speaker, and trainer specializing in risk management, resiliency, and suicide prevention.

Katisha’s purpose and passion lie in using her vast toolkit of experiences, abilities, skills and knowledge to help others navigate life’s challenges with resilience. As a consultant/change agent, she assists individuals and organizations in improving communication and overcoming obstacles. She particularly understands the mental health challenges faced by people and veterans, including those related to homelessness, employment changes/losses, and disability conditions that impact their ability to obtain ratings/benefits for disclosed medical conditions.

Her approach combines a mindset and approach comes with practical strategies, enabling her to empower and guide others toward their greatest potential/positive, daily self-care and holistic wellbeing. Through her website, social media platforms, training sessions, and one-on-one interactions, Katisha provides valuable insights, tools, and support to help advocate to individuals and organizations, manage change, enhance resilience, and thrive. Her sincere and kind-hearted nature, along with firm abilities for positive awareness, coupled with her diverse professional background, makes her a trusted mentor and advocate for mental health, as well as personal and professional growth.

Licensed Talent Agent in Florida and California

Certified NLP Life Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Master Resilience Trainer

Certified Suicide Intervention Trainer

Certified Victim Advocate

Certified Equal Opportunity Leader

Dedicated Partners

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