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Los Angeles, CA. (Agust 6th, 2020). After releasing their phenomenal debut album “Island Kings” earlier this summer, today Latin music’s hottest bilingual duo, Domino Saints, release the music video for “No Es Pecado,” the final installment from this album.
Featured on the deluxe version of ‘Island Kings,’ “No Es Pecado” is a relatable story that talks about when we fall in love and find our soulmate, we feel a burning emotion and desire, by which we let ourselves be carried away without thinking.
“‘It’s not a sin if we’re both crazy.’ This phrase sums up all of the emotion in this song. When you meet your soul mate, who is just as crazy as you, what’s right or wrong no longer matters and passion is the only priority,” Domino Saints say.
With the help of Sharo Towers, who has produced hits for Latin urban icons including Farruko, Zion y Lennox and Carbon Fiber Music, the song pushes the limits of Latin urban music—overflowing with colorful elements of Brazilian funk, bembe and afro-cubano along with Latin trap melodies—and suggests the new direction the genre can move toward in the future.
The official music video, which was directed by Jose Corcino of Filmica Productions, takes viewers on an exploration through a sensual Eden where anything is possible, and passion and desire are the driving forces behind all actions. Gigi and David play through a dazzling landscape brimming with lush tropical foliage and, as a real-life couple, their natural chemistry flourishes on screen, turning up the heat even more.
Domino Saints – «No Es Pecado»
“Island Kings” was the highly anticipated debut album from Domino Saints, who have established themselves as the only male-female duo in the Latin urban space. Amassing more than 2.8 million streams on digital platforms, the vibrant collection celebrates island living and pays tribute to the rich music and culture of the Caribbean. By incorporating irresistible tropical sounds and rhythms from styles such as dancehall, calypso, and zouk, the pair has challenged the current definition of Latin urban music and has expanded its boundaries further than ever before.
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Featuring singles such as “Wine,” “Body,” “Sol y Playa” and “Boca a Boca,” “Island Kings” is a tangible manifestation of Domino Saints’ groundbreaking innovation and dedication to their craft. Every element from the cover art to the music videos, which together have garnered more than 4.5 million YouTube views, was created with intent and exceptional attention to detail, providing fans with a bonafide art project that will withstand the test of time.
Domino Saints, Jaycob Duque, Donkirap - Dutty Love (Official Video)
Domino Saints, Jaycob Duque, Donkirap » Dutty Love»
Domino Saints - A La Buena
Domino Saints – «A La Buena»
Domino Saints, Landa Freak - Wine (Official Video)
Domino Saints, Landa Freak – «Wine»
Domino Saints - Body (Official Video)
Domino Saints – «Body»
Domino Saints - Animal
Domino Saints - Sol y Playa
Domino Saints – «Animal»
Domino Saints – «Sol y Playa»
Domino Saints - Boca a Boca
Domino Saints – “Boca a Boca”
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