Juan Gabriel the divo of Juarez die at age 66

Juan Gabriel the divo of Juarez die at age 66

Dies Juan Gabriel from a heart attack, relatives confirmed this Sunday, August 28.
His death took place in Santa Monica, California, United States. The cause ofthe death of Juan Gabriel was a heart attack.
The Mexican musician whose real name was Alberto Aguilera (1950-2016) was able to consolidate its position as one of the main authors and performers of popular music in Mexico, with songs as I have No money or dear.
His music came to the main scenarios, as the stadium Aztec and the Auditorium national, the socket of the capital Mexican, or to level international the Festival vineyard of the sea.
In addition to the musical field, Juan Gabriel ventured into movies, with titles like Noa Noa (1980).
The announcement about his death occurs on the day in which the transmission of the final chapter in a series about his life, TV Azteca was scheduled.
In 2014 it had been hospitalized in the United States, a problem of pneumonia, he was able to recover to continue singing a couple of more years.

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